TIME: 09: 00h to 14: 00h. Theory.

TIME: 16: 00h to 18: 00h. Practice.


Learn to create recipes sugarless ice creams quality criteria.


Caterers, Pastry chefs with or without knowledge of the ice cream and ice cream makers who want to improve the quality of their ice creams without sugar.


First day:

  • Review the first day of the Introduction to the technology of artisan ice cream.
  • Analysis of manufacturing processes of ice cream.
  • Study of the functions of the various ingredients in the ice cream.
  • Study of different ingredients involved in the freezing point and the sweetness of ice cream, to develop ice cream in every situation, ice cream cabinets, catering, etc …
  • Practices analytical ice cream recipes.

Second day:

  • Learn to create recipes with a very simple system created by Carlos Arribas ..
  • Preparation and tasting of different kinds of ice creams without sugar.
  • Create, develop and taste sugarless ice creams suggested by the students.

PLACES: Limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

PRICE: 550.00 €.

DISCOUNTS: Students who have participated in courses Carlos Arribas from January 2012 will be entitled to a 10% discount on this course.

VENUE: Heladeria CA, (SEAFRONT corner Higer Kalea, 20800 Zarautz (Guipúzcoa)).