Sa Gelateria Ice Cream, Ciudadela and Mahon, Menorca – Course Technology Artisan Ice Cream, Winter 2016
The course on the technology of artisan ice cream given by Carlos Arribas is a great experience for all the senses. CA ice cream parlour, where the course is held, is located in front of an extraordinary beach, embraced by the beautiful town of Zarautz, strong people and delicious food.
The power and features of all the elements that make a good ice cream are explained in great detail, knowledge and attention. For the students create, analyze recipes and put them into practice. And so, to analyze and learn from all stages: creation, composition analysis, preparation and tasting. Thus, through the mistakes or success of our recipe, we learn to improve or enhance the qualities of ice cream, and satisfy the palate, ours and our customers. Carlos Arribas is a great teacher of ice cream and life.
Thank you for sharing with us your good knowhow.
A hug