Berlin Germany – The Ice Cream Artisans course chocolate and sugar
It seemed very full courses. Unlike the technology course, this time we have done a lot of practice and the final tasting was very interesting. Of the two courses, the chocolate has seemed totally complete, with many theoretical and practical information. That of sugar has also seemed very full in the know (the why of things), but I think it has room for improvement in practice. Perhaps living in a city like Berlin well ahead of fashion, I have contact with a number of products that are becoming common in the shopping cart of many people and that in Spain are still barely known. But the theoretical basis has solved many doubts me and left me the way clear for my own testing practices.
In short, I find some courses in a superb technical and human quality. For me you are like a guru heladero and I will try to follow your teachings throughout this path I propose to start soon. A great responsibility for you as a teacher and an honor for me as a student.
A hug from a friend!